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HHA is an Arts Organization, it is also an education based peoples resource. HHA is a clearinghouse for ideas created for the purpose of seeking, organizing, cataloging and disseminating information of value to the targeted community. Our goal is to become a model for other like minded communities. HHA plans to work alongside community leaders, residents, educational professionals, industry executives and other participants from inside/outside the community including Environmental and Arts groups.  

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Oct 14, 2014
The FCC License has been approved
for a Community Radio Station for Ottawa IL

Official Mailing Address: Audio Division Media Bureau Permit File Number: Call Sign: Facility ID: This permit expires 3:00 a.m. local time, 18 months after the grant date specified above. Grant Date: October 14, 2014 Subject to the provisions of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended, subsequent acts and treaties, and all regulations heretofore or hereafter made by this Commission, and further subject to the conditions set forth in this permit, the permittee is hereby authorized to construct the radio transmitting apparatus herein described. Installation and adjustment of equipment not specifically set forth herein shall be made only in accordance with representations contained in the permittee's application for construction permit except for such modifications as are presently permitted, without application, by the Commission's Rules. See Section 73.875. Equipment and program tests shall be conducted only pursuant to Sections 73.1610 and 73.1620 of the Commission's Rules. IL61350 IL-OTTAWAStation Location: Frequency (MHz): 94.5 Channel: 233 Name of Permittee: HERE AND AGAIN Class: LP100 Hours of Operation: Unlimited United States of America FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION LOW POWER FM BROADCAST STATION CONSTRUCTION PERMIT FCC Form 351A October 21, 1985 Page 1 of 2 NEW Callsign: Permit No.: BNPL-20131025AAL Special operating conditions or restrictions: 1 The permittee/licensee in coordination with other users of the site must reduce power or cease operation as necessary to protect persons having access to the site, tower or antenna from radiofrequency electromagnetic fields in excess of FCC guidelines. Transmitter: Type Certified. See Sections 73.1660, 73.1665 and 73.1670 of the Commission's Rules. Antenna type: Non-Directional Transmitter output power: As required to operate within authorized range of effective radiated power. Antenna Coordinates: deg min 53 sec 4120North Latitude: West Longitude: 50 min 28 sec 88 deg Maximum Effective radiated power in the Horizontal Plane (watts): Minimum Effective radiated power in the Horizontal Plane (watts): 12 159 -22 Height of radiation center above ground (Meters): Height of radiation center above mean sea level (Meters): Height of radiation center above average terrain (Meters): Overall height of antenna structure above ground: 13 Meters Obstruction marking and lighting specifications for antenna structure: It is to be expressly understood that the issuance of these specifications is in no way to be considered as precluding additional or modified marking or lighting as may hereafter be required under the provisions of Section 303(q) of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended. None Required Antenna structure registration number: Not Required 100 50 *** END OF AUTHORIZATION *** FCC Form 351A

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