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Katie Troccoli

I own two historic theater, (Long Story how I got here) The Majestic Theater in Streator IL, and the Will Rogers Theater in Charleston IL.  Both are in dire need of restoration.  

The local Small Business Development Center Executive has suggested that I get letters of support from talent who would perform on the Majestic / Will Rogers Stage to support my business plan.  

I am asking if you would write a letter of support for the restoration of the Majestic and Will Rogers Theatre - venue.  If you would pledge to a paid performance on our stage at a mutually agreed upon date in the future.

The Majestic hosted performances by several well-known stars, such as Groucho Marx, Jack Benny, Ed Wynn, Eddie Cantor, Sophie Tucker and Eva Tanguay.  The Will Rogers is on the National Historic Register.

My business plan calls for working with the non-profit organization Here and Again Inc., an organization dedicated to promoting the arts and entertainment industry to educate and create employment in the entertainment field. 

My Corporation, Summer House Entertainment Inc will operate the theater as a for profit.  We will attract clients from a 50+ mile radius of each venue hosting live National Acts opened by local artists who perform in a Here and Again Inc program called Song + Story.   We will also be able to host film festivals and local events as well as first run movies.

The National acts that play the theaters are an economic boom to the communities.  Patrons who attend events will often spend the night (or two) at local hotels, buy gas, and eat in restaurants.  

Raising the quality of life with a vibrant theater attracts employers who want their employees to be happy in the communities in which they live.  This is classic economic development.  A theatre is an anchor for downtown development.

Mixing Song + Story participants with National Entertainers gives local up and coming talent the opportunity to network with entertainers who have been successful, giving them more opportunity for success in the entertainment industry.

I am currently developing a product line related to the theatres. Proceeds from the sale of our art product line go to support historic restoration efforts.

Please visit or

The Majestic is in an Opportunity Zone 17099964300, TIF and Enterprise Zone (the City of Streator has no TIF funds available for the Majestic) and the Will Rogers is also in an Opportunity zone track 17029000500, TIF and Enterprise Zone.

Please reach out to me if you would like to support my endeavor to restore these historic venues.

Warm Wishes,


Katie Troccoli


Will Rogers Theatre Post Card.

Majestic Theatre Post Card

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If you would like to support the Here and Again Inc. mission to preserve historic theatre please send your donation below. 

Thank you for your commitment to the arts and entertainment.

The Majestic Theatre in Streator could be one step closer to restoring its former glory.

On Tuesday, the Plan Commission unanimously recommended the city council award a $15,000 facade grant to owner Katie Troccoli. The recommendation will go before the council for approval at next Wednesday's meeting. Troccoli said the grant would be earmarked for tuckpointing and to replace windows.

"At the present, my plan is to stabilize the building," she said. "Once the building is stabilized, we will move forward with doing work on the inside. I'm planning to bring in an architect to look at the Granada to get some ideas on the best way to utilize that building."

Some ideas she has brainstormed for the Granada portion of the building is a restaurant overlooking City Park or a bed and breakfast, but said she is open to ideas.

Troccoli said she was able to do some work on the leaking roof in February, which she had planned to do when her former business partner boarded up the front. She also is looking for bids to install a sprinkler system and new front doors.

"It's going to take a lot of work and it's not going to happen overnight, at least a couple of years," she said. "The sooner I get it up and operational, the happier I'll be."

Troccoli noted it is not her plan to compete with the Streator Eagle 6 theater at Northpoint Plaza, noting the Majestic has a stage she would like to use for live entertainment and to stream on the web on WRWO's Here and Again, a radio station based in Ottawa at 94.5 FM.

"Those are the kind of things that can put Streator on the map," she said. "When you start broadcasting over the internet, you can reach a lot of people."

Troccoli's long-term goal is to get the Majestic on the National Registry of Historic Places.

"I think it belongs there and deserves protection," she said.

"It's a clean slate. (This is) our opportunity to do what's right for the building and make it the fantastic building that it really is."


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